Kevin Honan: Calligraphy courses, 2020 – 2021
September – December: Foundational Hand
January – April: Celtic Hand

The courses will be offered in two ways:
A classroom course in our room in the ABC Drumcondra, 40 Lower Drumcondra Road. (see the website for details). Monday evenings at 7 pm for 90 minutes. (In the event of a second lockdown, the classroom course will be completed online.)A live online course substantially the same but with some minor modifications, delivered through Zoom. Tuesday evenings at 7pm for 60 minutes.


General outline for beginners (Not always or necessarily individual classes. The material will be covered for each student as he or she needs it.)

  1. Introduction to the history and development of the Foundational hand. Tools and materials: nibs, inks, paper, colour, pencils, brushes.
  2. Basic structure of the letters, initially using monoline, then double pencils.
  3. Introduction to the use of the chisel-edged nib. Size and weight. First group of letters.
  4. Second group of letters. Spacing of letters and words.
  5. Third group of letters. Pangrams.
  6. Structure of capitals. Monoline capital exercises.
  7. First letter group. Spacing of letters; size and weight.
  8. Second and third letter groups.
  9. Layout and decoration.
  10. Completion of project; bookbinding if necessary.

For more experienced calligraphers. To be covered as students need techniques.

  1. Revision of Foundational hand.
  2. Revision of Roman capitals.
  3. Study of the use of Roman capitals in modern calligraphy: German calligraphers, Thomas Ingmire, Tom Perkins, Yves Leterme, Claude Mediavilla, Martin Wenham’s colour technique.
  4. Layout: contrast of size, weight, colour. Preparation of support: washes, dyes, patterns. Gilding.
  5. Development of a project to be completed by Christmas.

For the classroom course a calligraphy pack will be provided for beginners at a cost of approx. 25 – 30 euros. The fee for individual courses will be 120 euros (the
starter pack is not included in this price).

Starter pack

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