Angela’s Trip to China

While on a visit to China last month with a group of friends, we spent one night at the top of Y elbow peak Mountain in Huangshan Province.  It was an amazing experience, not only to enjoy the incredible scenery from the topmost peak, but also to view the magical dawn break over the entire land, with its mists gently unfolding this renowned landscape.
Just when I thought this couldn’t be surpassed, I happened to peep into a Master Class in Chinese calligraphy being given by none other than the Icon and Master, Mr Yang Chang Kun, Head of the China National Calligraphers Association, Yang Chang Quin Office.  He was up on the mountainside to give his master class as this would provide an uninterrupted workshop, free from any distractions.   His strokes were slow, deliberate and very precise.  The Teachers attending this unique Workshop were in absolute awe of the Master’s every stroke, and were so respectful.   You can imagine how privileged I felt just to be in their presence!  I was invited to join in further and was introduced to Mr Yang Chang Kun.  What an incredible honour, I felt absolutely humbled by the experience.  The Chinese Ambassador of the Province was also present and he summoned an interpreter so that we could exchange a few words.  It was then that I discovered Mr Yang Chang Kun had, in fact, been to Dublin!  This trip just couldn’t get any better!
 Mr Yang Chang Kun, Leo and Angela
China Photos October 2013 411