Correspondence Course

Zuzana Urbanikova has been studying and practising Calligraphy in Ireland for eight years. She is a member of the Association of Irish Calligraphers: Peannairi. Her commitment to calligraphy as a craft and as a means of expression is long-standing. She is offering a correspondence course in blocks of ten lessons. Students may choose from three calligraphic scripts: Foundation hand, Italic or Copperplate.

Foundation Course

Lesson 1: Introduction to calligraphy, basic tools and equipment, first steps.
Lesson 2: Double pencil writing (for Foundation or Italic), initial pen written strokes,
formation of the first letter group.
Lesson 3: Formation of the second group of letters and simple words.
Lesson 4: Formation of the third group of letters and simple words.
Lesson 5: Formation of the fourth and fifth group of letters and short sentences.
Lesson 6: Introduction to capitals and a simple project in your hand of choice.
Lesson 7: First and second group of capitals.
Lesson 8: Third, fourth and fifth group of capitals.
Lesson 9: Planning a bigger project of your choice; introduction to the principles of basic layout and composition.
Lesson 10: Finishing the project.

This is a general sketch of the lessons; they will be adjusted to the individual needs of students.

For further information on the course please contact Suzanna at